Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

In four rooms, you can reflect on the history of the Danish Halle Mission and its intercultural outlook. The exchange between European and Indian agents plays as much a role as the cultural legacies traceable until nowadays.

1. Introduction

To get an idea of the name giving couple of the Ziegenbalg House, Bartholomew and Maria Dorothea Ziegenbalg, you can strive through their biographies. You collect information on the background institutions in Germany, on the first arrival in India and on the first Indian staff of the Danish-Halle Mission.

Introduction Hall

Information boards, designed by Francke Foundations, Halle

Ziegenbalg Baptistery, Pulsnitz

Donated by Ziegenbalg's home congregation in Pulsnitz, Germany, to TELC

Emmrich Autograph Collection

Handwritten entry by Bartholomew Ziegenbalg and Peter Malaiappan in 1715. Donated to TELC by Rev. Dr. Christian Samraj

Educational Text by A.H. Francke

Printed in 1710, donated by the Francke Foundations, Halle

2. The Educational System

A fusion of Tamil and European methods, the Danish Halle Mission initiated a reformatory educational system for boys and girls alike. Various schools existed in and around Tranquebar, each with different schedules. They had tight itineraries, starting from morning 6am to evening 8pm, including teachings on hygiene and household tasks, apart from Bible reading, praying and the typical subjects.

By Rekha Vijayashankar
By Ziegenbalg House

3. The Ziegenbalg Printing Hall

By Jörg Gläscher
By Jörg Gläscher

Not the first press in India, but propably the first, most systematic printing industry of the country, including the first industrious paper mill, letter carving and type setting workshops were set up in Tharangambadi. Visit our historical presses, dating back to the 1830s and get your own papers printed.

Platen Press. Chandler & Price Co.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA (1887). Donated by: Prn. V. Muniappan, SIPA, Gotha Vilas Press, Srivillipittur

Various Types

10 cases metal and 15 cases wooden types, English and Tamil, several points. Donated by the Printing Associations of India