Asma Menon's Cabinet of German Curiosities
Asma Menon's Cabinet of German Curiosities

300 years ago, it was mainly missionaries, trained in Halle, who got the opportunity to explore and to study South India. Their imagery of South India was reflected in the collection of objects, exhibited in the India Cupboard of the Cabinet of Curiosities at the Francke Foundations in Halle.

Menon at the Francke Foundations, Halle

We asked the Indian artist Asma Menon to visit Germany for three months from August to November 2019 and to bring back her experiences to be exhibited in India.

Funded by the Saxony-Anhalt Art Foundation, Menon was hosted by the Francke Foundations and traveled through different parts of Germany, starting in the rural south of the state Brandenburg, to central Saxony via Dresden to Halle, visiting Bremen, Worpswede, Göttingen and Frankfurt, too.

F6 Conveyor Bridge in Lichterfelde
Steffen Modrach's Lilliput Castle in Naundorf
Menon and Müller-Bahlke in Jena
Menon with the Halle based artists Moritz Götze and Rüdiger Giebler

In Germany, Menon collected objects provoking her curiosity, from a snow globe to wood craft from Seiffen via miniature cars, board and card games and decorative wall plates. Back in India, she realised the frame work for her collection: the Cabinet of German Curiosities. The two-winged cabinet is headed by her paintings, representing the items inside through the artwork outside.

Let's have a look

Miniature Wood Craft, Seiffen

Snow Bowl Naumburg

Hands, Durer, Wood Craft

Decorative Easter Egg

Cuckoo Block by Guido Zimmer

Miniature Cars

Contemporary Music Instrument